Wednesday, April 26, 2006


when we live
the Divine
with the
spontaneity of a rose

our earth
a heaven.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tatpranamami Sadhashiva Lingam

The One
The primordial form that supports all forms
From which arose the plant
The Man and the ant

The Protector of all
Earth, Air, Water
Space and All
Sun and Moon

The One from which
All forms arose
The formless that
Supports all forms

The Formless that
Enfolds all
Into which Dissolve

The One

The formless subtle Divine that embraces
The forms around from within and around
Three eyes has my Lord
One to see around
One to see within
One to see just One

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Offerings to Lord Shiva.

The realm of Vishvakarma
revealed to man a world of secrecy
brought down in stone.
Sinking the energy into the rock
from a world deep within my being.

I step towards it
gate by gate
cross each entrance with a heavy heart,
there is devotion, ther is fear
to truely realize what lies within.

As I enter, He cuts out the light
Images smile down from the walls
the Lord appears in various forms
to guide me through the darkness.

A step at a time a coconut in hand
I carry myself, my being with flowers
I am an offering I make to the Lord
to be one with Him in complete conciousness

The air is still, there is not a soul
the lamp lights dont flicker the walls are bare,
the world is silent
and the sacred hymns reverberate

there is fragrance in the air
there is warmth in the room
the Lord resides silent and still
the flames reveal the formless in stone
drawing me closer to Himself

My body behind, my soul in hand
the priest raises me into the air
he pulls off my ego
my curtain of illusion
and in a rhythmic flow of prayer reveals
to my third eye
the energy deep within.

The air stirs in vigor
as I dash to the floor
my ignorance broken,
my being revealed
the juice of potent energy flows out
to merge with the Lord

I do not exist in my body
I left that far behind
there is no breath, there is no thirst
there is no hunger, I know not fear
the priest raises the fire

My path to heaven
The Lord awaits at the door
to hold my hand
and lead me into a constant world
of complete conciousness.

P.S. An offering of coconut and flowers is always made to the Lord at the main shrine. This is a possible significance.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

In Sound, In Silence .................
Truth that is

The sage searched for wisdom in solitude
I search in the multitudes ........
Of people, situations, relationships that surround

There is solace in the silence of the woods
Solace in the din of the kitchen

Krishna spoke of the highest wisdom in a battlefield
Of human emotions, of anger, jealousy and hatred

The same that the sage wrote in the woods

After all happiness is a state to be in
Live in

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Idam Shareeram...

...Kshetram Ityabhidhiyate

I was contemplating on the words, "The distance between 'What is,' and 'What should be', is the cause for all misery. (Akshara)

I am trying to see first about the "What is." "What is" is Who Am I - Aham and what is around me - Idam. When I close my eyes and ask "Who am I," I see that it is happening in a field which is not my body. The eyes are closed and the "Who am I" is a thought that is present inside the capsule of a body and breath.
"Who am I," is a thought. "You are there," is a thought. Everything associated with the 'I', 'Me', Mine, You, Yours, They Theirs, Its, are mere thoughts. And all the thoughts happen in the same place, within me. I am seeing, I am touching, I am experiencing, I am breathing, I am smelling, I am tasting, are all wrong. Or rather, they are just thoughts. The I is itself a thought. A thought wave, born out of the ocean of existence. Which does not speak, and has no name. The 'What is' has no place, because, there is "nothing; and if there is no "What is," then the scope for 'What should be' is also gone. I feel there is an ocean up to my chest and from that ocean a wave of thought rises.
This body and mind is the fertile field for planting, nurturing and growth of thoughts.
- Swahilya.