Sunday, September 07, 2008

Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha!

It was about 8:00 pm when I left office, a day before Ganesh Chathurthi... It started to drizzle as I stepped out of office - So, I returned and kept my bag with laptop back in my office and started to walk without any load.

I asked for a couple of autos, and none decided to take me to my home back (it was a bit far from my office) - When a middle aged guy walked up to me and told me - 'Why do you want to waste money? Go to the bus stop at the end of the road, and take 296!' - I thought, may be I should do the same. I got a relatively empty bus (I could find place to stand, without stepping on others!). And by the time I got down at the destination, it was raining cats and dogs and people were running for cover. But, I decided to enjoy Mother's love fully! I started walking the final 2.5 kms from the bus depot to my home. I got curious looks from people standing below shops lining the road.

But why would I care? I am definitely not melting in this rain! The road started getting empty as I walked towards my home. I started singing to my heart's content - Nobody to hear except for Sarva Antaryamin

Finally after singing a couple of songs, I started singing 'Giriraja Sutha Thanaya' by  Sri Thiagaraja Swamy on Sri Ganesha. (May be I'll translate this song sometime later - It is a beatutiful song)

I then reached anu-pallavi (Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha) - Protect me! (One who has) Face of an Elephant King. 

I did not explicitly ask for any protection! As I was nearing my apartment, I realised that the last 500 metres to my home did not have any street lights (despite being in a main road!) and it would be pitch dark during the rain. (so much as not knowing where I put my leg!) - And to top it was raining so heavily that the visibility was only a few meters.

I did not even realize that I was asking for protection - I just maintained singing the 'Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha' - Just before stepping into the dark section, one really fat guy came on a TVS champ (moped)  and stopped next to me - He asked me where I was going. And I told him where I was. He asked me to hop on to the moped and he dropped me right in front of my apartment and then left! It was still raining heavily! I did not know why the guy in the moped was out in the rain. Only then it struck me what I was singing! 

Sri Ganesha, the elephant faced God is indeed the swiftest in sending help! He is my favorite little God - He might be too big to understand, but he is cute and small enough for illiterate like me to approach. 

I also realise that it is not required to 'ask' for help from Father. He just sends help when we require, not just when we ask for it! Does a Mother wait for her kid to ask for food to give food? 

We just need to open out heart to let the Grace flow!

PS:- Ganesha Image downloaded from the internet (don't remember where)