Saturday, May 31, 2008

What is mind? What is soul? Are these delusions?
Is Father Real? Who is the Supporter?

When the heart sinks in sorrow,
When the Maya takes over,
When the darkness seems endless,
When Hope seems distant,

When tears well around the eyes
When the soul cries out for support,

Father consoles us by talking to the heart
He voices his thoughts by the sound of the gentle breeze
Or by the raging storm
A distant bickering light
Call from a friend
Voice of a baby
Splendor of the sun
Might of the ocean waves
Or the Voidness in the heart
When no thoughts arise

When the going gets tough,
Fear not my friend
It is not you who carry the problems
It is the Father who carries you
And your problems

Why grope in the dark for support
When, it is the Father that does not blink
Not to lose the sight of the child even for a moment
Will He let you fall?

In Him, I rest
Sriram V Iyer