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Agasthiar cult is an integral part of Shaivism. The Rishi Agasthiar is considered, the leader of the rishis and the siddhars.

Legend has it, when the divine parents Shiva and Parvati were getting married at Mt.Kailas, the worlds inhabitants gathered to witness the Holy wedding. Due to this, the earth orb swerved from its epicenter. Shiva ordered Agasthiar to travel to the south with His disciples and restore the balance.

Agasthiar settled down in PotiHills (courtallam) with HIS disciples.

நடுவுநில் லாதிவ் வுலகஞ் சரிந்து
கெடுகின்ற தெம்பெரு மானென்ன ஈசன்
நடுவுள அங்கி அகத்திய நீபோய்
முடுகிய வையத்து முன்னிரென் றானே.

The inhabitants of the world pray to Shiva, saying the earth-orb has swerved from its epicenter and HE should restore it, so that HIS children can continue to live peacefully.
Shiva spoke saying "Agastya!, You that sit in tapas, hasten to the globe's swerving side and restore the balance".

This is in Praise of the great Rishi:

அங்கி உதயம் வளர்க்கும் அகத்தியன்
அங்கி உதயஞ்செய் மேல்பா லவனொடு
மங்கி உதயஞ்செய் வடபால் தவமுனி
எங்கும் வளங்கொள் இலங்கொளி தானே

Unfailing at dawn
With the sun that doth in high heavens
Agastya light the fire divine;
He is the Holy Muni of North
Whence the Primal Fire was born;
And the radiant light, pervasive all



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