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Mind your own sexuality

I recently had a uncomfartable conversion with a particular individual about my post "Have you seen GOD? _ Narendra Asked."

His first response after reading the second paragarph was. "Are you gay?". Since I thought this was an open minded spiritual blog post I honestly answered "Yes". This lead to the usual uncomfortable questions like "why you dont like women etc..."

Being gay is very difficult. It gets even worse in religious/spiritual circles. I was faced with extreme homophobia from a member of this blog-group today. I thought this group was to help each other in growing in spiritual life rather than being a begot.

Are people in this blog-group just pretending to be a open minded spiritual folks. It was my understanding that homosexuality or heterosexuality has to do with the body and not the soul. How can we talk about Zen-Buddha, Bhakti-Meera, Sages, Nayanmars, Rumi, Alvars all these people who had an underlying compassion to every one. And we cannot even show the same to each other.

What if I, being born in a brahmin family call my best friend who happens to be born in a lower class as lesser human. My Supreme Lord Krishna will be extremely hurt buy this. Didn't Krishna talk in the Geeta that one has to be SAMA-DARSHINAHA, see every one equal. How can we talk about Sankara who was talk by Shiva by example how to be equal. When we are ready to judge, call names and be phobic just because the person in front of you is different.

We are unfit to talk about spirituality if we are so closed minded.


Blogger Aatma said...

Hey chutney, sorry that you got hurt because of the immaturity of one of the member of this group. It is unfortunate that in this time and age, people are so back-tracked.

For a spirtually minded group - what is important for us - is our soul - anything else with respect to our body is not important.

What is one's sexual preference, what one does in his bedroom is none of our concern and should not be also. What you are attracted to - may not be attractive to somebody else - is this logic so difficult to grasp.

My friend is Gay and for everyone out there "I am proud of him and he is like a brother to him"

4:37 PM  
Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Dear Chutneypopcorn,

Yes you are right. Truly glad to see a brave soul speak up.

Spirituality is to connect to the spirit within all. Its to transcend barriers of body, mind and intellect. To transcend means to accept various people and their mindsets without a 'why'. For every 'why' is a block on the spiritual path

4:42 AM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Satyam is everywhere, transcending personal preferences. To despise or fight over it is far from being spiritual.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

And most importantly, Spirituality is all about minding one's own business and not others'.

6:56 AM  
Blogger justdanny said...

"And most importantly, Spirituality is all about minding one's own business and not others'."

You can say that again.

Nice weblog you all have here. Glad I had a chance to look at it. Ive been in wonderment of Indian Hindu culture since early childhood, when an Indian family lived across the street from my home.

Wonderful lyrical beautiful culture. Peace to you all :)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Sumonk said...

Dear Chutney,
I am very sorry to know the trauma you might have had to go through. Yes you said it right, Sprituality is about transcedning above all the barriers, body and mind.

Soul is Supreme and I bow to your Soul.

Like Aatma said, One has every right to appreicate beauty in any form and way.

Take care brother.

with best wishes and love

10:03 PM  
Blogger Padmasani said...

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11:16 PM  
Blogger Padmasani said...

Dear chutney, that poem of yours is very deep, expressive of an inner pain and pang.

I am just like you in being point blanc. You have expressed something boldly. And you know the word 'Society' means a lot of standardised thoughts and idioms. People who are brought up in that idiom is the majority. So probably this person is from the standardised format, not able to digest something different. There he is justified as you are justified to live your life as per your option. But what he should have avoided is the unnecessary inquisitiveness which is not justified and which has hurt you deeply.

My dear boy, when you dont belong to this standardised format should you not have groomed yourself to ignore comments; more so about not getting pained at all? Why do you want someone to understand you. That is weakness seeking support. You, your conscience and God are the three elements that matter.

You have chosen a higher path. You are already on the march. Your poem indicates that.Time will lift you towards a higher goal and what is good for you will be given to you for God is bountiful. And for your kind information, many of the great souls have had a past not accepted by the society. Dont worry about what happened or happens in your life; what you are doing right now is noble and keep it up and be brave.

My guru taught me one thing. I held on to it like a mantra. I was very young, just fifteen. I was wondering about why this and why that about so many things.

He answered me thus, "both the bad and good are there in you. when you refuse to see, feel or hear non agreeable things , such things do not exist for you. Simply there is nothing called bad. Its the way we perceive." Where is there anything negative or bad or painful when you dont perceive any such thing and even if you perceive (since after all you are a human being), just manage to condone. You will remain untouched.

This is one hell of a thing to practice and I am still struggling to grow after forty years of attempting to practice.

But my dear son try you will be able to, because people like you scale larger heights in the spiritual pursuits than the rest.

The moment that you are living is very precious and this effort that you are putting in to elevate your soul is far more precious. So feel only happy. God bless you.

Very sorry for such a long comment; you touched my heart. :)

11:30 PM  
Blogger Sooraj said...

hey Chutney - well done being honest about your sexuality!

it is indeed sad that gays have to bear with insults at such a modern day and age.

but you know as well as I do that Hinduism does not discriminate based on sexuality at all.

Om Tat Sat.

2:36 PM  
Blogger kavitha said...

Hi chutney,

sorry i have not been around for a while, but i appreciate your honesty. I dont think there is anything wrong about being gay. its fine if your sexual preferences are a little different. I do hope you find fewer insensitive people and do not go through this trauma.

feel free to post.

warm regds

9:16 PM  

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