Friday, October 14, 2005



Silence and solitude is what surrounds me, most often these days and I am not complaining about it. I am not searching for some company to be with, some people to talk and engage in conversation. I let the Silence be. Revelling in this silence, I find that the personal space around me is ever increasing - at home, in office, on the road or wherever I may go. It is a Grace that is present and makes its presence felt, the more I make myself open to it.I am able to experience the whole Universe as an enormous presence, with myself as the fulcrum.When I say, "Myself," I mean the whole Earth, the planets and stars and the millions of galaxies in infinite space. And in this Silence, there are neither enemies nor friends. Every individual, creature and thing are just like my own hands and feet, head and body - that help me in whatever I wish to do. In this silent mind, if I am interrupted by someone in the midst of a conversation, it is no longer an interruption, but a signal to me, coming from that person that this is not the right time to speak.And this Silence is power, boundless. It is like a whirlpool which drags me in deeper and deeper into its eddy. Like the bog or quicksand that is just eager to keep me enveloped in its expansive fold.And in this Silence, Dhyanam happens. My being is Meditation. I am Zen.



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