Thursday, August 10, 2006

Kathopanishads | Discourse at Ramakrishna Ashram Part - II

Achieving Divinity is:

To recognize the Eternal amidst the ephemeral And to recognize that force or
power that gives the fruit of actions effortlessly alongwith grace.
This power to achieve Divinity is recognized by "Dheera". Eternal peace is for those
who recognize the underlying Unity.

"Dheera" is a very familiar word to one who is familiar with Sanskrit Holy scriptures. "Dhee" means higher intellect.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa has an interesting similie to distinguish higher intellect from intellect. An intellect which is used for simple things like calculating profit and making money is like "thin curd". Chchaas in hindi, Majjige in Kannada, Majjiga in Telugu and Mor in Tamil. An intellect that is focused on achieving God is like "thick curd". Dahi in Hindi, Mosaru in Kannada, Perugu in Telugu and Thayir in Tamil.

"Dhee" appears in the Gayatri Mantra also. "..Dheeyo yonaha prachodaya aath".

Somebody once asked a learned monk, "What is the immediate benefit of living a morally upright life?". The monk answered, "It sharpens and brightens the intellect. Thus making it ready to achieve Divinity". To achieve the higher intellect we could start living a morally upright life.

"Dheera" is a person who has turned his attention within to make the discovery of inner Reality. "Dheera" is one who is a "viveki" (One with the power of discrimination).

The Mind is an interesting thing if you can call it one. It has the ultimate power of discrimination. But that power is dependant on the atmosphere in which the Mind is. Outside that atmosphere the mind might not be able to attain the same level or power of discrimination.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to give a simple example to illustrate this: A sail boat in ordinary condition can be easily directed with the help of changing the direction of sails. But when the wind is blowing heavily, it is tough to control the direction of the boat. Similarly the wind of Senses hijacks the "Buddhi" to somewhere else. Senses are the means to identifying the external world. Once the senses become our Master, we become their slave. Senses are like Horses tied to a chariot controlled by a charioteer called "Buddhi". If the horses begin driving the Chariot then the charioteer should start controlling. But usually, it doesn't happen. The horses go where they want, the charioteer just follows.

Wherever the "Buddhi" dominates the power of will is seen. It is the "Buddhi" - the Power of discrimination to be cultivated to attain the higher intellect. The greater the Self-Control, the Greater the Buddhi.

People are generally heard saying, "Kathopanishad says God is everywhere, then why cannot we see God?" In simple words, not everybody can see God. We are not competent "Yogyata" to see God. We need to develop the competence to see God. When a person has developed that "Dhee" - intellect and courage - only then can he make the search of Shashwatha Shantihi - Eternal Peace.

In their ignorance people make the sin of considering, the changing as the Unchanging, impure as the Pure, Source of unhappiness as happiness and loss of Eternal Reality is mistaken to be Eternal Reality (meaning that Body is considered to be The Aatma) .

The Original Sin is to consider the Body as the Aatma. After this sin happens, everything else just follows. Once a person is into this Sin, he gets only ephemeral happiness. Camels have this desire for thorny plants for food. Whenever they eat those plants they are happy that they are eating what they wanted. But those thorns prick their mouth and they start bleeding. This is ephemeral happiness.

He, who has the ability to discriminate the Eternal from the ephemeral, destructible from the indestructible and is able to find Nitya amidst Anitya is the one will experience Shashwatha Shantihi eternal peace and not the others.


Blogger Parvati said...

I really liked this post very much. To find Nitya amidst Anitya is a tall order, if at all possible....

10:33 PM  
Blogger mysorean said...

Thanks Parvati! :)

12:17 AM  
Blogger mysorean said...

It's a struggle to see Nitya! If we are capable enough to get through the struggle, then it should be possible.

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