Friday, December 02, 2005

Lets Count Our Blessings.

The last months has been difficult to say the least.... Without going into details, a close person in my heart said to me... "Every day I wake up, I am grateful for this house, my health, my loved ones, etc."

I was touched. It made me want to think for a sec.

I should be more grateful, a traveller to this blogpost "Padmasani" replied to my "Mind your own sexuality" said something that stands staring in my face. "Everything is how we look at it"...

I have heard this before.... Sounded like a cool idea, but come on, I used to say, lets get real.

Now when I just stop rambling it does make sense, the reason I used to and still do find that statement difficult to digest is becausue I am always ready to fight. Seems like my soul is a cornered prey, trying to fight desire, lust, the world, etc... What if I just be, not fight and not indulge.

The next week I am going to try something new. Try to be observant, grateful, try not scream when some on says/does something wrong to me. Just be. Will report my result.

Om Tat Sat.

P.S. Dec 1st was Worlds AIDS day. Please be safe and GET TESTED.

Let US be grateful


Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Dear Chutneypopcorn,
Yes that's what Thanksgiving is about. Incidentally this happened to you during that weekend as its celebrated in the US.
I do not know what your'problems' are, but know just this that is a spur in the direction that you are moving as you will know soon soon....

7:12 PM  

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