Friday, September 30, 2005



It's controversy time in Chennai where I stay. I was not able to think of something to write. I asked my colleague Vani Doraisamy to tell me a topic to write about. After a moment's thought came the reply - write about the concept of culture which is changing in the light of moral policing and authoritative dictations. The Vice-Chancellor of the prestigious technical Anna University rules that women should not were sleeveless and short tops, no jeans and T-shirts as it will divert the attention of the boys! And we all come from the land of Gargis and Maitreyis who were in those days dressed like the men, in a waistcloth like a dhoti and an upper cloth over the shoulders like an Angavastram.There is a reputed Tamil daily which sneaks into the bar of a star hotel and clicks pictures of women drinking and publishes it with a caption - Is this Liberation?In the melee - all and sundry come up with advice on protecting our culture.I really wish to speak about what true liberation is. In a world of changing realities, hemlines and sleevelines are bound to rise or fall or even disappear. True liberation lies in the mind where the individual is not bound by knots of thoughts tied around his tiny person either by himself, or his family or his society. A mind with neither fear nor favour. A mind that allows the light within to show the way, rather than wait for a torchlight. A mind without bounds, encompassing all. a mind that knows its real self! And I pray as did Rabindranath Tagore - Into that heaven of Freedom, my Father, let my country awake.


Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Different strokes!
Liberation for the body-oriented kind of people would be freedom to do as they please, dress as they please. For those who relate to people as minds it is freedom of expression is liberation. To those who relate in spirit liberation is a state where the mind unites with the soul within. None inferior, none superior.

By the way the sari which chennaities consider a decent dress is indecent elsewhere in the world! Perceptions galore!

11:04 AM  
Blogger chutneypopcorn said...

I agree. There is a famous saying "one side open"

25 years ago my uncle would not let my mom wear a salwar bcos he thought a brahim girl should wear only saree to any wear. Shalwar which covers every thing was too indecent for him

12:30 PM  
Blogger Aatma said...

I agree with all the three of you. Nice article.

2:36 PM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Kara Saramana Vivadam. Thanks all.

3:11 AM  

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