Sunday, September 25, 2005

Some Questions

By putting up this post I do not mean to hurt anybody. The questions that I raise here are sincere questions that I ask out of honest curiousity

I have been slightly late in putting up my post on the Cosmic BLOG, but with good reason. Here we have the clear and cool opinions of Adi, wonderfully compiled information of Arjuna, Venky, etc., lucid poetry of Kitchenette, strenuously collected knowledge about temples from Kavitha, the peace filled words of Swahilya and so on (Pardon me if I forget anybody's name). There have been wonderful posts and information very useful being shared. But I only wonder in our enthusiasm, are we missing some pertinent questions...

1. How does we speaking about the philosophy of Hindu, the knowledge of India, change the life of the man in the hut whose only thought revolves about his next meal? How can we call ourselves and our ideas Hindu or Indian if he too does not get a fair oppurtunity to understand all this wonderful ideas?

2. All this information that we have in our hands and wish to present to the open world, how do they matter to the educated, the powerful and the erudite who control the fate of the nation and the religion alike? How do we get them to understand and appreciate this message?

3. In both the cases referred to above, presentation is required. For the poor and the elite to understand our views, we must have the ability to present our views in means that will appeal to them. How are we going to obtain th maturity, the strength to not just present our ideas to them, but to take criticsms and to face failures? How are we going to till and water our own minds so that they can bear the flowers of a bright future?

4. If we are to spread the message of Hindu philosophy and Indian culture, how much do we understand of Hindu philosophy or India?

4. And at last, the one question that has been eating my mind, not just since we got together but for ages. Amidst all the poetry, the wonderful words, the diligently phrased sentences that we hear and speak, where is that word which speaks truth and only truth? Where is that voice which does not speak mere words but stands out as the clear meaning? Where is that soul who does not merely utter the words 'Aham bramhasmi' but lets his (her) life stand as a shining example of that truth?

If we do not have that light, that guide at our helm, where shall we head in our spiritual quest? If even we do not have such a person at the helm, is there a teacher, a Guru who can at least lead us to such a person? And even if such a person has arrived amongst us, are worthy of this person? Have we in our heart of hearts acquired the humility and maturity to submit and learn from this Guru? Or has this person not arrived amongst us only because we are ready for him/her yet? If this be the case, then what are we doing to prepare ourselves for the Guru?

I wonder if we are trying to sow our seeds before preparing the field; if we are trying to write our poems before we have learnt the language.

I need answers for these questions, as an individual. I humbly request each and everyone of you also to ask these questions for yourselves. And in my light, I find it an enormous liability for me to post anything at all in a forum which is being referred to and used by many as a source of right information before I have answers for these questions in the first place. Therefore, I shall not post anything here for sometime. I sincerely believe if we had the answers for these questions, we could go a long way in the road to truth.

Once again, I wish to insist that this post is not intented to hurt anybody. If by my own impertinence it has hurt anybody, I apologize for it.


Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Dear agnibharathi,
A wonderful post, written from the heart. Questions brewing in everyone, today you are the vehicle of their expression. They deserved a post as a reply not a comment. I have attempted to answer them in the post There is no offence nor defence, post as many questions you want for that is the nature of a sincere seeker. Should your quest be sincere the Truth shall dawn.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Agni: As an individual, there is only one thing to be done - give your fullest attention to what you think fit to think, speak or do. The divine will take care of the rest.

6:35 AM  
Blogger Parvati said...

1. Since you accept that All is One, a stone that tumbles in one corner of the world has its effect resounding all across.

By that token, every single thing, be it thought, emotion, physical or material action, humble or otherwise in appearance unavoidably has its effect - the nature and quality of the effect depends obviously on the source of inspiration for that action.

Therefore, addressing your concerns with this in mind,
1.What is written in 'Cosmic Consciousness' has its effect not only on the participants but also in the cosmic consciousness of creation and eventually will prepare the atmosphere for these high and superior vibrations to percolate to this poor man in his hut hunting for his next meal.

Here I would like to tell you about an experiment wherein a group of mice were trained to do a special job at one end of the earth and it was found that the over a period of time the same skill was manifested by all the mice in world even without training; just naturally.

Another example is when an atomic particle is split into 2, one half gets a positive charge and the other negative? When you take the positive charge to Bombay and the negative charge to NY, and just change the charge of one, immediately across the seven seas and the seven mountains, its counterpart too changes its charge

- all this is to tell you that we are one and are affected by everything all the time. Cannot help but...

Having said that, you should also always remember a simple rule - Each person is living his own life at his own pace of spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and material growth and progress. Your own personality has brought you where you are now - among other things a contributor to the blog Cosmic Consciousness.

What I am trying to convey is that, Everything is valid - both The Paamaran's concern with his next meal, and total indifference to this blog's contents, and your involvement with the blog and YOUR TOTAL CONCERN FOR THIS MAN IN A HUT.

The only way you can do anything to connect the two is to actually physically do a one-to-one interaction with at least one such person. First know what exactly you want him to know, understand and live. Then find out whether he doesnt already have his own philosophy in life, his own spirituality that is guiding him through thick and thin. Surprisingly you will find that he does and may be you will end up learning a few things from him about complete faith in God, acceptance of things that cannot be changed; total dependance on God even when his life is fraught with not only manmade disasters but also God-made ones; so on and so forth.

Interaction on the internet or interaction on a personal, material physical presence level - that would be the only difference between what is happening in the Cosmic Consciousness and what could happen between you and the hut person.

So dont short sell the validity of this blog (which is what you are doing), or oversell the value of the poor man. The bottomline is that IT IS OK. He is ok; and when you are exclusively only writing stuff even that is ok; and when you go out into the field and interact, discuss, understand and convince him and give him a philosophy of religion that too is ok.

Your abstention from contributing to this blog is not going to make that poor man change. That is a different arm of action. A different aspect of the same blog Cosmic Consciousness. And anyone from this group who is interested in that arm should organise and arrange things and just do it.

Actually, I am writing a thousand words and am ending up saying exactly what Ms.Swahilya has managed to say in just twenty!

2. Same reasoning as for the first issue of yours.
- everything has an effect; it will just take time to reach all and sundry

- respect the pace each one sets for his own life; be it the poor and ignorant or the rich and powerful guys. They will realise in their own time and in their own manner

- having said that respect too your concern that they should know and realize this great knowledge. And that you want to contribute in influencing the manner in which and the time when the poor or the rich know about Hinduism, Spirituality etc. And do the needful. Get the matter ready, get the manner ready. And do it.

3. & 4. You are nervous about the method of doing this whole project. Do not worry about your incapacities. You are the only person available to do what you want done. So educate yourself. There are many steps for this too.

Chalk out the steps -

Purpose: To propagate Hinduism to the rich and the poor

Requirements - The propagator, the propagated and the propagatee, to put it simply.

That is, you, the matter you want conveyed and the person you want to convey it to, and of course connecting all this is the most effective manner in which you are going to convey it

Do your best - the lacunae in yr knowledge of Hinduism or the deficiencies in the manner of presentation can be removed steadily. And fear of criticism is not an issue at all. People who cannot, criticise. So dump your concerns about that and go ahead and do it.

5. The Guru - Ah! This is THE MOST important issue you have raised, AB. Let's see what to do about this -

* There is nothing, nothing at all stopping you or any human being in this world from living the Truth of Aham Brahmasmi and not just uttering the words.

* The fact that you feel this despair and helplessness at the lack of the Guru itself means that you have already got the Guru. "His Way is everywhere."

* In this Kalyug, everything leads you to enlightenment; I mean that exclusivity is passe; it is not like in yester years where you have to have a specific guru, be under his tutelage, learn all there is to learn and only then live the Truth of the teaching.

With all the troubles and travails of Kalyug, the one good thing is that it is democratic. In the sense that your spirituality can live everywhere - in the Kurukshetra of the war of Life and does not need to hide in caves and mountains.


Believe this and you will be able to go on your journey in light, joy and simplicity.

When the Divine actually thinks that you need to be sent a Guru in a human being's form, He will definitely do so. Till then He must think that the Whole Universe and its innumerable components by virtue of the Divinity in them will be Guru enough for you!

In this regard I would like you to read this -

"The Guru is the Guide in the Yoga. When the Divine is accepted as the Guide , He is accepted as the Guru. The relation of Guru and disciple is only one of many relations which one can have with the Divine. The Divine is regarded as the Source, the living Sun of Light and Knowledge and Consciousness and spiritual realisation, and all that one receives is felt as coming from there and the whole being remoulded by the Divine Hand. This is a greater and more intimate relation than that of the human Guru and disciple, which is more of a limited mental ideal."

Why keep looking for a human Guru when the Supreme Divine inside you is always there to help you intimately in every small detail or a big project?

In order to find this inner Guide or Guru or the Supreme inside you, just offer each and every thing of your self to Him, good or bad, but keep the connection constant. When you do so, He pours himself and HIs light in you and you will see yourself change too. It will be a life long relationship - and in the process, you will meet the right people, friends who will be temporary gurus, nature, strangers, your office colleagues - the whole world will guide you like a Mother does her infant.

Trust this, AB, and even the Human Guru that your being seems in such a need of will come to you, just like that.

In the meantime for this particular project of disseminating information to the rich and poor, do your best and leave the rest to God. (Again I have said in 2000 words what Swahilyaji has sweetly and efficiently said in 20)...

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