Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Silence is not the absence of sound
Silence is a certain quietness of acceptance
Experienced deep within the recess of the heart

Amidst the noise around
A stillness of the mind
Slowly emptying
The clouds of thoughts
Slowly vanishing

Like a clear summer sky with stray clouds


Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Silence is the greatest and most efficient way to realize Brahman.Silence is the final goal of any spiritual sadhana since Silence is Brahman!

Very good one Madam. If you have a chance please do read the article I put in my blog on Silence.

9:53 PM  
Blogger mysorean said...


"Certain quietness of acceptance"

This line gave me the goosepimples!

Absolutely brilliant!

11:14 PM  
Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Dear arjuna,
I did read your posts both on your blog and on cosmic-verity. First let me thank you for starting up this blog. Its simply amazing at the variety one finds here. Great going. I have not seen much in any of the so called spiritual magazines. Spontaneity is divinity. Yes Silence is truly fasicinating. A womb from which emanates Everything. Please visit my blog I wrote on silence a few days back. And please no formalities just call me parvati or Kitchenette Soul. I have never believed age to be a criteria for respect

1:14 AM  
Blogger kavitha said...

Hi parvati,

that was amazingly well written, a truth so vast and described so simple. wonderful.

1:32 AM  
Blogger Aatma said...

Hi Parvathi, beautiful poem, it is amazing that within a span of few weeks, we all are reading about silence and its effects from different sources.

Will be waiting for more :)

11:35 AM  
Blogger chutneypopcorn said...

I have a question.

Why do we crave stillness?

Please share you feelings and comments.

Om Tat Sat

3:08 PM  
Blogger Aatma said...

Chutneypopcorn, when is the time your body, mind and soul at peace with each other ? I believe the only time it is when there is silence around you. Peace from the constant noise from the surrounding world - For a lay man this should be the reason why one would crave for stillness.

From a spirtual person - Silence is the time when u can try to discover your inner self, when u try to realize the one.

From both spheres of life - Silence is something we all crave for - do you agree ?

7:13 PM  
Blogger kitchenette soul said...

Dear chutney popcorn:

Silence is our very core
The One Divine
From which ALL emanates
Every desire, for love, for comfort
Emanates from this subtle craving for Silence

Its simply like a little one wanting to go home
Back to where we belong.
Little one to the big One
A merger of the drop of water
With the Ocean
A union that is

9:05 PM  
Blogger Sumonk said...

Simply superb poem. I could feel every word from within. Silence is Golden is what I remember from my childhood.

with best wishes

9:10 PM  
Blogger henmen said...

beautiful imagery :) ... couldn't have described silence better

1:29 AM  

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