Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepam Param

Sights and sounds

As crackers light and fireworks flower around
In celebration of this festival of lights
I remember the verse
Deepam Jyoti Param Brahma Deepam Sarvam Tamopaham
Deepena Shashwate Sarvam Sandhya Deepam Namostute

Light is the manifestation of the supreme brahman
Light dispels all darkness around
By the light everything gains permanence
That light of unity of the yin and the yang
I worship with hands together.

Shubham Karoti Kalyanam Arogyam Dhanasampadaha
Shatru Buddhi Vinashaya Deepajyotir Namostute

That light which grants auspiciousness and success
That light which keeps me healthy and bestows wealth
That light which destroys all the negative thoughts in my mind
That light of the lamp I salute with hands together.

Light each cracker that may burst with all the darkest thoughts
Like a bubble that exposes the mind to consciousness
Light each flower pot that brings out the flowering of creativity within
Light each rocket that zooms the mind shooting to the depths of consciousness
Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati|
What you see that you become
See the light and become it.
Here the fireworks and become the silence that follows.
Taste the sweets and the savouries
So you are a combination of the sweet and the otherwise
Smell the fragrance of celebrations
That take you to the depths of your being
Hug your friends and enemies
That you know that you and the other are just one
Consciousness and that's it! - Swahilya Shambhavi.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nirvikalpa Samadhi, and Pancha Koshas

Vikalpam means difference, divide etc. 'Nir' means without. Nirvikalpa hence means without any difference.

In savikalpa samdhi, though the soul unites with the God, it still feels its identity. In nirvikalpa, it senses nonduality. Hence this is supposed to be highest stage in Ashtanga Yoga (as propounded by Sri Patanjali).

This state is indeed extremely challenging to obtain. 

We are built of five 'koshas' or sheaths (or layers). (maya is not maaya / delusion.)

1. 'Anna'maya kosha
2. 'Praana'maya kosha
3. 'Manon'maya kosha
4. 'Gnana'maya kosha
5. 'Ananda'maya kosha

'Annam' means rice / food. So, our physical body is referred to as 'anna'maya kosham. This sheath can be contained by Yogic postures / asanas / Hatha yoga kriyas.

'Praana' implies the 'praana'shakthi. Praana is usually mistaken for air. Air can be compared to a horse and 'praana' to be the rider. In India, when people die, it is normal to hear the quote 'praana' has left. It is 'praana' that sustains life. This sheath is obiously subtler than 'anna'maya kosha. This can be conditioned by pranayama (Kriya Kundalini Pranayama).

Manas implies mind. So, the sheath subtler than praana is the mind. So, 'manon'maya kosha imlies our mind. You would have noticed that when we are tense we breath fast and when we are relaxed, we breath deep and slow. Thus, the mind has effect on Praana. So, the reverse is also true. When we breath slow and easy, the mind gets controlled. This is the principle of pranayama. This sheath can be conditioned by Dhyana (meditation) Kriyas. 

Gnaana implies intellect. The sheath subtler than mind is intellect. Intelligence usually should control the mind. But, mind is usually not controlled and is driven by the senses. When the intellect governs the mind, only good things happen. This sheath can be conditioned by Kriya Mantra Yoga by repeating mantras and by
contemplating on vedic truths.

The subtlest of all is the 'ananda'maya kosha or the bliss sheath. This is indeed the soul. This can be conditioned / realised by Kriya Bhati yoga.

Only when all the five koshas are transcended, AND, the ego is completely eliminated, can one attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi

[1] This is the edited form of a post in my Yahoo Group - Murugavataar Babaji
[2] Terminologies used are based on Kriya Yoga 

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha!

It was about 8:00 pm when I left office, a day before Ganesh Chathurthi... It started to drizzle as I stepped out of office - So, I returned and kept my bag with laptop back in my office and started to walk without any load.

I asked for a couple of autos, and none decided to take me to my home back (it was a bit far from my office) - When a middle aged guy walked up to me and told me - 'Why do you want to waste money? Go to the bus stop at the end of the road, and take 296!' - I thought, may be I should do the same. I got a relatively empty bus (I could find place to stand, without stepping on others!). And by the time I got down at the destination, it was raining cats and dogs and people were running for cover. But, I decided to enjoy Mother's love fully! I started walking the final 2.5 kms from the bus depot to my home. I got curious looks from people standing below shops lining the road.

But why would I care? I am definitely not melting in this rain! The road started getting empty as I walked towards my home. I started singing to my heart's content - Nobody to hear except for Sarva Antaryamin

Finally after singing a couple of songs, I started singing 'Giriraja Sutha Thanaya' by  Sri Thiagaraja Swamy on Sri Ganesha. (May be I'll translate this song sometime later - It is a beatutiful song)

I then reached anu-pallavi (Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha) - Protect me! (One who has) Face of an Elephant King. 

I did not explicitly ask for any protection! As I was nearing my apartment, I realised that the last 500 metres to my home did not have any street lights (despite being in a main road!) and it would be pitch dark during the rain. (so much as not knowing where I put my leg!) - And to top it was raining so heavily that the visibility was only a few meters.

I did not even realize that I was asking for protection - I just maintained singing the 'Paripalayamam Ibha Raja Mukha' - Just before stepping into the dark section, one really fat guy came on a TVS champ (moped)  and stopped next to me - He asked me where I was going. And I told him where I was. He asked me to hop on to the moped and he dropped me right in front of my apartment and then left! It was still raining heavily! I did not know why the guy in the moped was out in the rain. Only then it struck me what I was singing! 

Sri Ganesha, the elephant faced God is indeed the swiftest in sending help! He is my favorite little God - He might be too big to understand, but he is cute and small enough for illiterate like me to approach. 

I also realise that it is not required to 'ask' for help from Father. He just sends help when we require, not just when we ask for it! Does a Mother wait for her kid to ask for food to give food? 

We just need to open out heart to let the Grace flow!

PS:- Ganesha Image downloaded from the internet (don't remember where)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Karman Eva Adhikaraste

Sri Bhagawat Geeta is indeed the Song of the Divine - Where else can we listen to the Lord of the Universe speaking to us in clear words?Seers (Rishis) listen to the Words of the God and pass it on to us. These are what we got as Vedas. Since the source of Vedas is not human, they are often referred to as 'Apaurusheya' (not originating from humans)

But, Bhagawat Geeta is a special Song where the Lord directly talks to us(Jeevas).

It is indeed laid out by Great Satguru Lahiri Mahasaya and Unfathomably great Mahavatar Babaji that all people practising Kriya Yoga should atleast read a few passages from Sri Bhagawat Geeta DAILY.

Each Verse of the Song bursts with power to provide Salvation. Each Verse has the capacity to take us to the Infinite. There are some that provide solace to me when I am lonely, some cheer me up, some direct my thoughts back to the Divine. Whenever I am sane and I am sad, I look forward to the Voice of the Lord to Guide me.

A word that provides me solace and advise whenever I try too hard anddo not succeed is this:

"Karmanyeva adhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana
Ma karmaphalahetur bhurma te sangostvakarmani."

The Great Lord says, "Karman Eva Adhikarasthe" - You have control only over your actions. This does indicate, the God was kind enough to offer us free will. There is no point doing evil and claiming Goda sked me to do it. Sri Krishna Paramatma says that we have control only over the actions and NOT over the results. IMO, He does not say, do things without expectation. An action done without a goal will not yield good results. The action should proceed towards a goal or a cause, and we have complete control over our actions. (conditioned by our own Vasanas acquired over many many births)But, we cannot control the results. The Lord grants us the results based on many factors (infinitely large) that are not under ourcontrol.

God does not give results randomly. He only says the outcome of an action is not under our control (sounds like Quantum Physics to me!) . Does that mean we can give up action? The answer is a thundering NO - Arjuna did not toss his Kanteepam (his bow) and retire to Sanyasa after listening to Bhagawat Geeta. He took his bow and fought themost valiant battle.Lord does not discourage us. If we put in the effort, the most Merciful One will grant the fruits.We should do our duties with utmost sincerity, hard word and devotion. If we do not attempt we will not get any result. Not doing duty is not what the Lord preaches.

Do what you can do your best - But, Do not have the results of the action as your motive. Dedicate all the results to Lord. By dedicating the results of all actions to the Lord, we will be purified. This is the end result of Karma Yoga.

May Sri Krishna, Lord of Infinite Mercy, The Most Beautiful One, Charmer of the Gopis and Radhas, The Charming Kid who Danced on Kalinga, The Upholder of Dharma in the Universe Grant us theUniversal vision to see Him in All and All in Him. Sarvam Sri Krishnarpanamasthu! Hare Krishna!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sri Nataraja's Grace...

[I posted this earlier in my YahooGroup - I thought I could share it with a wider audience]

As I was meditating over Lord Nataraja, esp moved by His Grace in recent times (which extends even to this mundane world), the poem(?)below sprang into my mind. I thought I should share it with you.

Sri Nataraja - The Lord of Dance

Who can understand the Grace of The Lord,
The Lord of Dancers, Sri Nataraja,
Whom even the greatest Gods and Immortals adore,
Admiring the Lord who seems very close, yet so far in comprehension,
Blessing even the forgetful, Apasmara
Who forgot His Presence,
Whose right hand asserts to His devotee, Abhaya, 'Fear not!'
And, whose left hand points to the essense of all Knowledge,
The purpose, The means, The Fate, The Abode of All - His Left Leg,
Which has been raised,
To offer salvation to all miseries,

Him I praise,
Who conferred Bliss to Sri Patanjali and Vyagrapadhar,
In Chidambaram, The reflection of Kailash, on Earth,
The Lord, who captured my heart with His endearing smile
Protecting me always, Though I have done
Naught to earn His Grace,
Who supports me, the most undeserving one.

He asserts, 'Why Fear, when I am Here?' ,
His Dance, pervades the entire universe,And Transcends it.
Dear Devotee,Forget not the Father,
Who will never Forget you,

When millions of years of penance,
Of Greatest Sages, have not exposed
A Glimpse of His Glory,
A tear, A cry, For Help,
From a person, even the most undeserving,
Brings Him running for Help.

Fools talk if the Lord is the Greatest,
Doing petty comparisons.He Blesses even them.
People say He is revealed only by Vedas,
While the Vedas themselves stand,Awed,
By His Glory,
Ashamed of not being able to portray
A ray of His Grace.

There is no need for Mantras
Nor Tantras, Nor Yantras.
All that is needed,I assert,
Is a heart that yearns for His Grace.
Fear Not.
Call Him once.
And make Him yours.

Sri Subrahmanyoham
Sriram V Iyer
PS:- Image Attribution: Copyrighted to Himalayan Academy Publications, Kapaa, Kauai, Hawaii.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

What is mind? What is soul? Are these delusions?
Is Father Real? Who is the Supporter?

When the heart sinks in sorrow,
When the Maya takes over,
When the darkness seems endless,
When Hope seems distant,

When tears well around the eyes
When the soul cries out for support,

Father consoles us by talking to the heart
He voices his thoughts by the sound of the gentle breeze
Or by the raging storm
A distant bickering light
Call from a friend
Voice of a baby
Splendor of the sun
Might of the ocean waves
Or the Voidness in the heart
When no thoughts arise

When the going gets tough,
Fear not my friend
It is not you who carry the problems
It is the Father who carries you
And your problems

Why grope in the dark for support
When, it is the Father that does not blink
Not to lose the sight of the child even for a moment
Will He let you fall?

In Him, I rest
Sriram V Iyer

Friday, March 21, 2008


I Am
I pace up and down
Mind enveloped by consciousness
But feet move around fast
The expanse contains my solar system
The solar system contains my earth
The earth contains my country
The country holds my State
The State holds my city
My city holds my street
And my street my home
In my home that holds this body
Pacing up and down
I am seeing from within this frame
The whole universe and beyond
I see myself through the eye of my mind
I Am All Myself.
- Swahilya Shambhavi.

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