Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vignana Bhairava Tantra - 3

Where is the truth?
Kim Va Navathmabhedena
Bhairave Bhairavakritau
Trishirobheda bhinnam va
Kim va Shakthitrayathmakam
How can your reality be perceived? Parvathy asks Shiva if it can be known through the nine states of consciousness which include time, energy, name, knowledge, memory, sound, seed, wave or the individual soul or the nine forms of energy which include the energy of action, the energy of tranquility and space, the transcendent energy.
Or is it through knowing the three forms of energy flow in the body called the Ida - feminine, Pingala - masculine and Sushumna - the tranquil neutral force.
The whole existence and the individual can be described in just one way. There is pure consciousness to begin with, everywhere and passing through everything and which is beyond understanding by the mind. From the pure consciousness emerges the flow of thoughts, which is the energy of the mind. That creates the Universe at large and governs the functioning of each individual.

The questions raised by Parvathy does not mean that she is not aware of what the superconscious state of being is and she wants to know about it. It is like a drama in this context, where all the actors know the whole story. Yet they act out their part to keep the suspense alive for the audience. Deeper and deeper questioning can help to increase the clarity of understanding, at the end of which the truth reveals itself effortlessly.
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