Friday, October 19, 2007

Vignana Bhairava Tantra - 10

Become one with empty space

Vyomakaram Swamathmanam dhyayeth dighbhir anavritam

Nirashraya Chethi: Shaktihi Swaroopam Darshayeth Thada


The noise from the television between the four walls of the drawing room, people chattering away or fighting - the resulting confused thought patterns can play havoc. Tune into the space within, says the Tantra. But how does one know that space within. Meditation. With the eyes, look out into the vast blue sky. It is nothing but one's own form, just as the earth is one's body, the air is one's breath, the water is the fluids of the body, the fire is the heat that burns and digests and the thoughts are one's mind, the empty space within is nothing but the same empty space without. Far away from our sight, it looks blue during day, grey in the evenings and dark at night. It is nevertheless, colourless empty space. Nothing else. Be with that space.

Into the form of space, ether, one' own self, when one meditates being supportless in all directions shakti in the form of consciousness is then revealed
one that is closest to consciousness - our true being is nothing but that. - Swahilya Shambhavi.


Blogger Shree said...

i chanced upon Agnibharathi's bharathiyaar kavithaigal one day. i am so impressed by it, and the Sadhana blog. i am an avid tamil and english literature learner... its my passion and i am very awed to see such blogs.
By the way, i am a Singaporean and its realy hard to see such outbursts of passion for lit here.
I realised that this was the latest updated blog in agnibharathi's list of blogs.
i would appreciate if u would let him know to continue his bharathiyaar blog.
u can always contact me at

11:09 PM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Shree: Thanks for the comment. Agnibarathi is a contributor on this blog in which many others also post. May be he's also reading your message.

10:45 PM  
Blogger kavitha said...

Finally the silence has been broken!

I wondered why there was no action on the blog. Welcome back everyone!

5:21 AM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Hey Thank You Kavitha! Nice to see someone on the comments too! There is action no doubt. But what's lacking is interaction. And that's possible only through the comments section. It's relevant comments and debates on the comments section that makes a blog lively. Otherwise it is just sterile spirituality, not dynamic wisdom of cosmic consciousness!

8:09 AM  

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