Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some things before we start

So people, all credit to Arjuna for starting the new BLOG. Let us get some brass tacks here. I have some things to ask of all those people who are already in this common BLOG and those wish to get in.

1. How do you think we handle copyright issues? As far as we had individual BLOGs airing our views, this wouldn't have mattered. But now as a team of people who are looking to achieve something big, this is a serious question. I'm sure each of us have a wealth of information possibly achieved through painstaking research, especially the likes of Padmasani, Swahilya, Arjuna, Kasthuri Srinivasan, etc., So it makes sense to make sure we handle this is in a safe and secure manner.

2. I would request all the people to publish their interests and what they would like to do. This would help us know where we stand in terms of potential.

3. Ideas/Suggestions about what we should do. If we get started on random discussions, we wouldn't be doing too much. Let us plan some action and then work it.

So get back with your views and ideas ASAP.


Blogger Saravana Kumar said...

All my postings will be open source ... anyone can draw any kind of interpretations out of it ... can modify them according to their philosophical understandings ...

no strings attached ... left to the readers mind

8:33 AM  
Blogger Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

First, I should thank you for the initial post. Second, its a great insight on your part of having come up with issues like copyright, which may or may not affect us. Yes, I think we should consider these issues. I think for any system to run smoothly an administrator should be present. So, there should be one central administrator for the blog. Second, while anyone can can read the posts, it is better to allow relevent comments. Otherwise, we may come across unnecessary twaddle or hair-splitting. The administrator can be allowed to remove unnecessary comments/issues irrelevent to the interest of the blog or a particular post. Third, about the copyright, the understanding can go between the admistrator and the person who is posting which essentially means if any other person who wants to use the information can approach either the administrator or the blogger both of whom will come into a consensus in the approval. In this way we can look to acheive something big without getting into problems. Please *do* understand that I am not saying this because of any security and safety issues of my ideas or thoughts, but I am just suggesting ways only as a precautionary measure. As of now I don't feel that I have anything that requires copyright issues :-).

3:52 PM  
Blogger mysorean said...


Thanks for raising some important queries in your post. Of course I have a few thoughts on them. Here we go:

1. Copyright issues: Whatever is posted on this blog belongs to the blog. It doesn't continue to be the property of the person who has posted it but becomes the collective property of the group who is running the blog. Which means: If Arjuna posts something on the blog, it is not longer his. It belongs to the group. Arjuna might use it to post the same in any other blog he wants if we decide in that fashion. Otherwise, whatever is posted here should be here only. I like to call it the principle of exclusivity. And in this way, the blog will gain authenticity too. Otherwise, the readers of my blog will read all my articles on my blog itself and never attempt to come to our blog. And in this way, the idea of creating this blog is lost. We want to spread and at the same time seek spiritual knowledge. More the people the better.

2. Administration: The blog should have one administrator. His duties will be to carry out the duties required to administer the blog effectively. The nature of the administrator could be either on a monthly rotating basis or a permanent basis. I am okay with whatever the group decides.

3. Communication: Communication among the group members of the blog is of utmost importance. We could start either a yahoogroups or a googlegroups with all the bloggers of our blog in it. This will enable clearer [to an extent] communication among ourselves without bringing any issues out in the open through the blog. Disagreements are bound to arise, which we shall understand and sort out with grace. Also, there are a few of my co-bloggers on this blog whom I am not very familiar with. Through the mailing group, I will be able to familiarise myself with them.

4. Comments: I am totally in tune with Kasthuri on this. Allowing anonymous comments is not necessary.

5. Blogrolling: All of us who are going to post on this blog will have this blog on our blogrolls without fail. Let's make it one of the mandatory entry clauses. This way it will help in publicising our blog. It will be nice if all our fellow bloggers are on each others blogrolls too. Will help develop certain team spirit and brotherhood

6. Posting on the blog: If we allow a random schedule, then on some days nothing might get posted. We can chalk out a certain schedule according to which we shall post to begin with.[Not necessary that we have one blogger per day, maybe two or maybe three, group must decide] And as we familiarise ourselves with it, we will be able to begin certain sections on specific days with specific topics. Which will give a lot of order and completeness to the blog.

7. Categorising: As we start blogging we can begin a different section that will categorise all the articles written on various parameters. The articles could be categorised by topic, by date, by author or any order as decided by the group. [I don't know the technicalities involved in creating these categories. But I thought it was a good thought. You know I want to show off that I can think well! ;) ]

Before I end, I would like to thank the people who came up with this idea and the people who created this blog. Also, thanks to Arjuna for considering me capable enough to join this group. Let's begin! :)

10:11 PM  
Blogger Sriram C S said...

@Adi, Saravana and Kasthuri - My purpose of posting this post has been more than served!! Since we have listed down points, let me also follow the same protocol!!

1. Copyright What Adi says ia absolutely right. But I was looking at the issue from a different persepctive. When we become a really strong team and look at reaching out to the far public by the mass media (like books, audio tapes, etc.,) then we have to make sure whatever we put up here in this BLOG is properly protected. Perhaps we can have something like the Creative Commons license or something of that sort. I'm not speaking about copyrights for individual people but copyright for us as a team.

2. Administration A poll should possibly help us there to decide on a permanent/rotating administrator.

3. Communication OK. How about an introductory post from each of us to get to know people better? The Yahoo groups idea is great.

4. Comments No comments from me here! Kasthuri and Adi have said it all.

5. Blogrolling Arjuna call roll all of us and anybody new who comes in while we can return the same in our BLOGs. It would help to spread the news to many BLOGs as well.

6. Posting on the BLOG A weekly or even a monthly schedule might be difficult as it looks like there will be a lot of people posting. Synchronizing will have some problems as we are all in different timezones. We'll plan something...

7. Categorizing Great idea Adi. We can work on this as the posts keep coming.

Now, we have also missed one more small part of my post.I would request all the people to publish their interests and what they would like to do. This would help us know where we stand in terms of potential. This will help point 3 happen better. :)

Also, should we lay down some basic idea of what this BLOG will deal with and what it will not deal with? Just to get a bit more direction and focus...

11:59 PM  
Blogger Kasthuri Srinivasan said...

Does anybody have some ideas for the issues that I raised to Agnibarathi.

Dear Agnibarathi,
I have some concerns regarding this blog. I am sure that almost all
bloggers are highly knowledgeable and have great ability to understand
deep philosophical issues of Hinduism. And each one of them will have
a bias towards a particular philosophy which is essential for
spiritual growth. There is a saying that "There is not one sage who
has an opinion of his own". So, differences are bound to arise. That
too when its going to be a forum dealing with philosophy, different
points of view will exist. So for a smooth functioning of things, we
need to establish certain rules on what is acceptable and what is not.
That too if its not treated as just floating of our ideas (which we
can do in our respective blogs), but learning as well as sharing then
we need to make sure we put forth our views as correct as possible
while remaining dispassionate to our cherished beliefs. To accomplish
this deal we can probably stick on some measures like
(1) writing impersonal
(2) identifying some authentic scriptures and giving references to
them whenever necessary
(3) making disclaimers when handling debatable issues etc.
(4) Identify some personalities who is generally accepted by the mass
and avoiding the controversial ones etc.
In this way we can also ensure we are not 'biased' but having a really
'secular' view - the sugar coated pills as you rightly pointed out.

Hari Om

9:13 PM  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Thanks Saravana, Agni, Kasthuri and Adi for leaving your valuable comments :).

Agni and I have discussed the major issues and Agni's post mirrors my views too. So there is not much for me to say.

Regarding the administrator, currently I am the administrator. What we could do is, we can have a monthly rotation so that everyone can participate. So the schedule has to be decided.

Yes, a yahoogroup should be formed and I shall do that by this weekend.

Anon - comments should not be allowed.

And I completely go with Kasthuri and Adi and I have no comments on their views.

Many of our contributors are free only during the weekends - so you can expect them to give their suggestions coming weekend.

Moreover, I will be busy since I am selling my flat and buying a new home. So, please do not expect any comments from me - even though I will be going through the blogs and comments. Infact, I read all your comments before, but just got the time to write mine.

Thanks for your support :)

5:25 AM  
Blogger Ganesh said...

great effort.

6:57 AM  
Blogger krishna said...

Adi,kasthuri,agni ..

keep ur great works going..Am sure thatt the paramaathma will be with u folks in ur gargantuan effort..

10:58 AM  
Blogger krishna said...


missed out ur namee ..my appreciations will always be there for ur effort..

5:48 PM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Just back from a holiday. So much has happened. But at first, I extend all my support. You may draw from any of my posts for this blog at present. Soon, I will also give my individual contributions.
Namaste. Swaha.

12:12 AM  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

thanks Krishna :)

2:32 AM  

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