Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Diamond Tears

when we reject the Supreme Divine Mother,
and embrace the mediocre,

the vacuum created thus,
is filled by
a black night,
an unplumbed sorrow,
a crimson pain


...we still live...

The Mother Goddess -
She gives us the strength to live without Her...


Blogger manan said...

"She gives us the strength to live without Her."

And that, for me at least, defines true love.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Swahilya said...

Thank you.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Parvati said...

@Swahilya: You are welcome.

@Yes - It does, Manan, it indeed does define true love, of a kind that I cannot even imagine in a human being...

5:14 AM  
Blogger Trespasser said...

That is indeed love. Love sets the two ends of the magnet free. Ideally, it should bring them back together. When it does, it takes the shape of trust. and dedication. Otherwise, the love is communistic. indeed the Mother Goddess has love for everyone, but only a few are drawn back to it.

1:57 AM  

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