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Spirituality and Art : Healers of Pain?

How does an artist have the capacity to reach those depths, where you keep your pain secure?

How does an artist soothe your pain without any effort? Is it because through the plumbing of his own depths for inspiration, the artist has now become a healer?

Or does an artist pervertedly see just the pleasure even in extreme agony? Probably that's why he is able to reach it and heal it?

Not at all.

An antidote for pain is not pleasure. Mainly because pleasure always only skims the surface of the being, it doesn’t reach far enough anywhere to handle any serious psychological negatives.

Pleasure's effect is always intense maybe, but very temporary, more an anesthetic than a surgery removing the root of the cancer and the cancer itself.

Pain may be superficial, but mostly it is unbearable and very deep. I am speaking about psychological or emotional pain. All of us of course know about the absoluteness of our bodies' pain.

On the contrary, I think that they (pleasure and pain) are unconnected to each other except in perhaps the fact that chasing after the object of pleasure more often than not, whether you obtain it or lose it, gives you pain.

An antidote for pain is simply the removal of the pain itself, removing the cause of pain is dicey, because an object can be both a source of pain and pleasure at different times.

Here, in what I have written, I speak about two depths, which might not necessarily have the same coordinates.
One is that of the observer of the art - the depths where his pain is hiding, or where he has successfully hidden his pain.The other depth is in the artist. The depth from where his inspiration comes. It is a positive creative level. At least where his work is concerned.

But if it is not the depth of his soul that he has sought to convert the vibration into an object of creation, but only his vital / life force level (traditionally between the Naabhi and the Moolasthaanam), then that level has the capacity to stretch the artist to the opposite effect of extreme agony too.

Whereas, if the source of the artist's creative genius is his soul, not his mind, not his emotions, nor his vitality - the latter mentioned only act as instruments to convert his soul inspiration to three dimensional art - then he is not the usual dangerously unbalanced creator that we see, but is harmonious in his own person, and in what he projects in his work.

Now to the pain in us and the artist being a healer.

Pain is often healed by the understanding of the pain by another person who himself has experienced it.

In spirituality, it is a fact that the higher you go, the more your capacity/power to handle the darker and the darkest regions in us. Like the mind per se because it is higher level of consciousness has a much greater power than the emotions to handle the problems of the body.The higher you get your inspiration from , the greater your light, your power and this tackles the deepest embedded pain, ignorance, dark emotions like anger, jealousy etc.

There are the depths and the heights. Height gives us power and knowledge, depths give us love and understanding, a sympathy, an identification, a compassion - all of which again leads to knowledge of the pain and the knowledge to remove it.

The Rig Veda says "As it climbs from height to height, there becomes clear to its view all the much that is yet to be done.”

The view is better, the insight grows and grows and we see then "Oh this pain here in the subconscious has to be nullified." Then you bring the knowledge of the heights down here to the low levels and transform them.

As to the artist, he is just slightly internalised. Nothing like a yogi or our gurus.
But even that helps in healing.

I had a concrete experience of this some time back. I was in a place inside where it was the period of agony before the calm of resignation. I was in quite a horrible condition. At that moment I just inadvertantly looked at a self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh on the wall. It was a calender that had all the prints of his works.

You won’t believe it, just the split second look and my pain was removed without a trace. And it did not return at all.

That is exactly what I have written in this post - my personal experience of my pain (whose cause had nothing to do with anything that Van Gogh might know), and his painting, nothing spectacular, but just a portrait - it healed me completely.

From that day onwards it was as though an inner eye opened in me regarding paintings. I can see and know how deep the artist went to gather his motivation for the work. I don’t see the technical excellence I just see the paintings vibration and more importantly their effect on me. And then I stun myself by throwing my free judgement here and there "This is an excellent one", "This is rotten", "This is bad; that is good".

To open one's inner perception enough is to truly know...

We were looking at a lot of paintings for our renovated house. That started my already deep interest in painting as an art. I can stand and look at paintings for years together...

My explanation of pain and how it can be healed, is my opinion of what I think the process is.
There might be other explanations too.

But the ultimate solution to me is once again that of surrendering at the feet of the One Supreme Divine. This brilliant strategy works for everything and anything in this world!

It removes pain too - Totally. Completely. Efficiently.

And all these words melt away like snow in the sun...
These things happen in life...


Blogger Shivani said...

Wonderful to read your experience.

Healing takes place spontaneously when one is with Mother Nature as well.

One doesn't need to think of it. Its all so interconnected - the body with the Earth - just the movements and the boundaries creating illusions outside it seems...

8:50 AM  
Blogger Parvati said...

Aaah Shivani - how true! I had written a post in my ex-blog about exactly this aspect of nature healing our pain. Maybe I will post it in this blog soon so that all three ways of healing pain can be together at one place.

A friend of mine always says that pain is the result of not accepting whatever comes to us and that we shouldn't resist things but embrace them to avoid pain. I dont know how far it is a valid solution to pain...I wonder at its efficacy in avoiding pain..

11:02 AM  

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